Office Partitions

Glass and Glazed Office Partitions

Partitions create clean workspaces and well-planned offices. Partitions are cost-effective, use space effectively, promote industriious behaviour and improve the appearance of your office. There is a wide range of office partitions available. 

Glazed Partitions

Glass partitions are easy to clean and are perfect for letting in natural light which in turn promotes well-being. They are elegant and stylish and lift the mood of workers and visitors alike. A combination of first-rate design with clear vision yet sufficient privacy. There are double glazed options which give fire-resistance, structural integrity and of course soundproofing . Vinyl manifestations add design flair and safety whilst upgraded versions can incorporate blinds for the ultimate in class and comfort.

Timber Partitions

We still adore the look and feel of timber. Traditional wooden framed partitions give warmth and longevity whilst retaining full build flexibility. These types of partitions can be adjusted for reception areas, boardrooms and a diversity of office settings. Timber options still retain the option of relocation with no loss of sound or fire rating. In this way they satisfy all environmentall concerns whilst remaing flexible and versatile.

Aluminium and Stud Partitions

Aluminium partitions are simple to install, yet still strong, and easily demountable. In addition, this type of partition system gives up to a one-hour fire performance and good levels of soundproofing. They is a full range of glazing options and panel options to suit all design preferences and budgets.

Natural Elegance

Glass always oozes class. A clean and crisp feel is accentuated by natural light which enables architects and designers to harness the power of sunlight and create bright and fresh work environments.

Bespoke Designs

Curved, straight, single and double glazed options enable a multiplicity of design solutions. This allows the client to choose the essential balance between aesthetics and acoustic performance.

Graphic Enhancements

Manifestations can be applied to partition, to make the glass visible, preventing injury through collisions. It can also improve privacy and can create bold decoration or branding.

Aluminium or Stud Partitions

Budget Friendly

With easier installation and lower material costs using aluminium framed office partitions can be an effective way of reducing expenditure and minimising disruption.

Fire Rating

Aluminium and stud partitions that are fire rated at up to one-hour can be achieved. The specification will depend on the intended use, and the performance levels and finish needed.

Feature Trims

Aluminium framed office partitions can be supplied with a wide range of edges and trims to suit the surrounding decor or brand requirements. This can include an enhanced range of door furniture.


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