What are the differences between new and second-hand pallet racking? For a new business or one with limited funds, choosing the latter may be a better option. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to select used pallet racking.

1. Fewer Quality Issues

It can be very risky to buy a piece of second-hand mechanical equipment, however, used pallet racking can be a much safer proposition. As it is often sourced from failed businesses it has previously been used safely and indoors. As a result, the racking is likely to be defect free. Buyers of second-hand pallet racking can check for visual defects and beams will typically bear weight loading labels. 

2. The Opportunity to Mix and Match

Buying second-hand pallet racking and shelving can allow you added flexibility. If you buy them piecemeal, it will allow you to experiment with different layouts. If your needs are varied you can mix pallet racking with long span racking or lighter shelving for smaller parts. Alternatively, you may wish to try a small section of shelving before going for full layout.

3. Best Value for Money

Unless you need a top quality paint job or certain colours then it is worth considering second-hand pallet racking. The purchase price will be far less than for new stock and if you wish to resell the racking it will have a high residual value. Used pallet racking has a live market of buyers and therefore resale is usually straightforward.

4. Availability of Second-Hand Pallet Racking

The vibrancy of the used pallet racking market means that there is a plentiful supply of stock at competitive rates. This can save valuable time when planning projects and therefore reduce costs considerably.

In conclusion, there are many instances where second-hand pallet racking is the better choice. Take a moment to consider the option of used pallet racking on your next project.