Do you need more space? Is a mezzanine floor one of your options? There are many benefits of a mezzanine floor, some of which are often unconsidered.

1. Cost Efficient Extra Space

A mezzanine floor can give great value for money, especially when compared with other options. Fitting a mezzanine floor will cost far less than the cost and all of the chaos of moving premises,

2. Fully Demountable for Future Relocation

You can avoid all the pain that goes with planning a new fixed internal structure. A mezzanine floor gives the best in flexibility as it can be quickly dismantled, relocated or sold-on to recoup some of the original cost. This differs from the costlier and more limited option of a fixed structure.

3. Storage Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor gives extra storage options. This is unlike pallet racking, for example, where the user is constrained by the size of the racking bays and apertures. Compare this with a mezzanine floor where a solid floor can provide the blank canvas for flexible storage or bays of racking.  For instance, this is ideal for the small parts in a working stores facility.

4. Multiple Design Options for Various Purposes

Mezzanine floors are the perfect choice for storage, offices, retail sites or canteens. Firstly, this is because they can have high spec glazing and partitions and include special lighting, heating, aircon or Secondly, you can also add an extra floor where there is enough height. The most basic scheme, however, can be built using second-hand stock. This allows for the simplest low-cost space-division and storage.

5. A  Fast-Track Construction Solution

A mezzanine floor can usually be built without the need for planning permission. Building projects can take months and years especially with disputes over design and cost of materials. Mezzanine flooring projects, on the other hand, can be ready in much shorter time scales owing to the availability of materials and ease of construction. Hence, build costs are lower and the frustration of waiting that can de-rail many business plans is gone. In conclusion, why not consider the benefits of a mezzanine floor? Above all, it gives you the ultimate in flexibility and versatility in an ever-changing modern environment.