Partitions are very popular. Above all, they are practical and help to create clean, sharp workspaces. Companies need well-planned offices. Partitions are cost-effective, use space well, promote hard work and boost the firm’s image. Many types of office partitions are available. For instance, there is plasterboard, glass, temporary or permanent, full or half height, and a vast range of colours and finishes.

Glass or Glazed Partitions

Glass partitions are a great option. They are easy to clean and they allow natural light in. Glass adds elegance and also lifts the mood of staff and visitors. This type of office partitions combines first-class design with a clarity of vision and privacy. Blue chip companies will typically have glazed office partitions. Double glazed options give a greater sound performance, fire-resistance and structural strength. Glass is either silicone jointed or fitted dry in order to give a seamless look. Vinyl manifestations increase safety or add design impact. Indeed, some glass partitions will include blinds within the glass panels.

Timber or Wood Partitions

Timber partitions are practical for the workplace. People still love the look and feel of wood. Traditional wooden framed options are ideal for elegant designs that give warmth and durability. Creating partitions in this way gives total flexibility of build. These types of office partitions can be tweaked for receptions, meeting rooms and all office settings.

Fully-demountable and timber-framed partitions are able to be relocated. However, they still give the required sound and fire ratings. This satisfies environmental concerns and gives future-proofing and flexibility.

Aluminium Framed and Stud Partitions

This is the most cost-effective and flexible of partitioning ranges. Aluminium partitions are quick and simple to install, yet still durable, and easy to relocate. In addition, this type of partition system provides up to a one-hour fire performance and high levels of sound performance.

Aluminium partitions can be solid, part or fully glazed which means that there are multiple options. These types of office partition are formed using an aluminium head channel and a galvanised steel stud. Aluminium glazing and door frame sections are also supplied. The panel joints include plasterboard with detailed edges for feature joints, square edged panels with an array of trims or tapered edge boards for a simple flush monolithic detail. There are many choices, however, they won’t break the bank!

In conclusion, partitions offer the widest choice of space division options. In addition, they take into account all budgets.