Used Pallet Racking

For a fledgling business or one with limited resources, opting for pre-used pallet racking may be the best option for many reasons

Few Worries Regarding Quality

Pre-used pallet racking is essentially safe and worry free. As it is often sourced from previously failed businesses it has been used safely and indoors. Therefore the racking is likely to be free of problems and defects. Any visual defects will be clearly apparent and beams will usually have labels with the safe loading weights.

Increased Flexibility

Second-hand pallet racking and shelving can give you extra flexibility. You can buy batches and try various layouts. You can mix pallet racking with long span racking or smaller and lighter shelving for smaller parts. Alternatively, you may wish to try a small section of shelving before committing to the full cost of a complete scheme.

Value for Money of Used Pallet Racking

Unless you need the pallet racking to look perfect or need certain colours then it is worth thinking about used stock. The cost will be much less than new stock and should you wish to resell the racking it will have a decent residual value and no shortage of willing buyers

Wide Availability of Used Pallet Racking 

The market is busy which means that there is always plenty of stock at competitive rates. This can save time when planning and of course time is money.

In conclusion, there are lots of times where second-hand pallet racking is the correct choice. Take time to consider used pallet racking for your next warehousing project.

Reduced Warehouse Costs

Used racking is less expensive than a new system. Companies can achieve effective controls over warehouse management costs. The racking will also retain a significant value for resale.

Best Industrial Standards

When you purchase pre-used racking from us, you need not be concerned about the quality. All our racking is made from high-quality steel and meets with the most stringent industry standards.

Little Discernible Difference

New racking is not always necessary unless the cosmetic appearance is particularly important. Pre-used pallet racking requires little to no maintenance and can have a long useful and economic lifespan. 


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